AmerSLC names LUTRON and Amerigreen Energy to Sustainability Index 100

100logoAmerSLC is proudly announces two new corporations
have been added to the 100 Index.

                  amerigreen-energy     lutron-logo

American Sustainability Leadership Council seeks to recruit and endorse from the most influential corporate, nonprofit including public charities, private foundations, university organizations and entrepreneurial enterprises.  
Universities-Institution of Higher Education 
     • Nonprofit service providers whose primary source of revenue is fee-for-service will be considered under the corporate category

     • Those whose primary source of revenue is philanthropic contributions will be considered under the nonprofit category 
Entrepreneurial Enterprise

There are 25 classifications with a maximum number of 4 organizations.  An index 100 organization is assigned a master classification and may have 3 sub-classes.  The index is capped at 100 companies representing 25 master categories.

Criteria for Consideration for Participation

• Potential candidates are organizations selected according to category availability, merit and value proposition. Candidates must have distinguished themselves as leader in its field of expertise significant professional communications experience;

• The organization is considered a leader in its area of expertise;

• The organization has a track record of constructive relationships with corporations;

• The organization meets the relevant financial criteria

Preference will be given to candidates considered to be innovative leaders, as evidenced by activities supporting the commercialization demonstrated through research and active leadership of and participation in industry events.

AmerSLC Sustainability INDEX 100